The alternative to the charging station

Innovative, underground, and sleek design

Looking for a charging station with a beautiful design that is easy to use? StreetPlug has the innovative underground charging point for electric cars. Smart technology in a sleek design. A flexible alternative to the charging station, applicable at any location focused on preserving the original street scene. This way StreetPlug allows you to charge your electrical car at home or on the road with a number of important advantages.

Streetplug vs. charging station?

Water-resistant underground charging station
The underground charging station is equipped with a diving bell principle and thus makes it water resistant.

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Strong underground charging station
The maximum load point of the StreetPlug is resistant to a load of 12,500 kg in accordance with NEN-EN 124 class B125.

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Charging electric cars safely
All vital electrical parts are incorporated in the electrical compartment, they are built into a water-resistant IP65 housing.

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Compact and underground charging station
The StreetPlug is 60 x 30 x 46 cm. With these compact dimensions, the StreetPlug is the size of two paving stones and fits well into the pavement

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Undeground charging station with a payload up to 22 kW
The underground charging station is available with a maximum payload of 22 kW. Suitable for all types of electric cars.

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Vandalism proof charging station
The StreetPlug closes semi-automatically. A robust electric locking system ensures a secure closure of the lid.

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Streetplug app

Charging the car in 4 steps

1Open automatically with the app
2Plug in the charging cable
3Close by hand
4Manage charging data remotely

The StreetPlug SMART is equipped with an EV CLOUD BACKOFFICE with 24/7 helpdesk support:+31 (0) 85 0200 904.

Real-time monitoring

Check load data, such as power consumption and costs

Manage the StreetPlug quickly and easily from your mobile or computer. The StreetPlug SMART requires an annual subscription, it is equipped with an EV Cloud BackOffice with 24/7 helpdesk support.

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The alternative to the charging station

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