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StreetPlug B.V. is a producer of StreetPlug charging stations for electric cars and vehicles. If you are interested in a quotation and the installation of a StreetPlug, you can contact our dealer DSN ASSOCIATES directly or don't hesitate to contact StreetPlug without obligation.



If you want to install a StreetPlug charging facility in a private environment, you get to decide where the StreetPlug will be placed, provided it is technically possible. If you want to install a StreetPlug in a public space, you must have permission from the local municipality.

A 3-phase connection must be available in the meter box. If you are not sure whether your meter box is already equipped for this, please contact one of our dealers. They have a list of important questions for installation. If you answer the questions on this list and provide them with photos, the above question can be answered quite quickly.

In order to keep the underground StreetPlug (SP1 model) in optimum condition and to avoid any technical problems, the StreetPlug must be inspected and maintained regularly by the user, especially during autumn.

The StreetPlug contains filters that ensure safe drainage of rainwater to the Hydroblock or the check valve. Read more about the safe water management system

Cleaning the filters is quick and easily done. Inside the StreetPlug there are two dirt filters, consisting of a coarse and a fine filter (sock). Both filters can be easily rinsed under the tap and replaced. Remove large debris such as leaves, twigs, sand and such from the container manually. That's all.

Anyone who wants to charge their electric vehicle or use the SchuKo socket (only with the SP1 SMART model) can use the StreetPlug, provided you have the correct remote control, a charging card or a mobile app to operate it and the relevant StreetPlug is set for public or private use.


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Register and follow our projects for charging station alternatives and charging electric cars.

Register and follow our projects for charging station alternatives and charging electric cars.

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Charging the car in 4 steps

1Open automatically with the app
2Plug in the charging cable
3Close by hand
4Manage charging data remotely

The StreetPlug SMART is equipped with an EV CLOUD BACKOFFICE with 24/7 helpdesk support:+31 (0) 85 0200 904.


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