StreetPlug is an innovative Dutch startup that has developed an underground charging facility. This non-visible charging facility arose from market demands. Electric driving and thus charging is currently gaining momentum. Meanwhile every leading car manufacturer in the world has brought an electric or hybrid model on the market and the demand for charging stations is growing. StreetPlug wants to promote electric mobility in an innovative manner focussed on a sustainable society.


To remove obstacles from the charging infrastructure in an innovative and creative way to increase the use of electric vehicles and build a more sustainable society.


To take a leading role in the charging infrastructure, so we create a more sustainable society and world.

Intentions & ambitions:

In the future, residential districts, and even cities, that are smart, better, more beautiful, safer and more sustainable and that have more social cohesion will increasingly be developed. How the transport looks like then is of course in the form of smart mobility, which is again accompanied by smart charging infrastructure. The StreetPlug can play an important role in this and shape the electric charging landscape in the future or even set the standard.



Dimensions are 60 cm x 30 cm x 43 cm. With these compact dimensions the StreetPlug fits into the pavement easily.

The StreetPlug is available in all possible capacities up to and including 22 kW.

All vital electrical components are incorporated into the electrical compartment. This compartment has a protection level of IP67.

The maximum load is in accordance with NEN-EN 124 class B125 (withstanding a load of 12.500 kg).

The lid is equipped with a diving bell principle. An air bubble arises when the lid is closed. The plug and socket are located in the bubble. The charging process will stop automatically when the groundwater level rises.

The lid is equipped with a LED indicator to indicate whether the charging device is in use, in failure or ready for use.



StreetPlug now also placed in Arnhem

Last week a StreetPlug pilot version was placed. This time at Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
IPKW is a cleantech campus and a prize-winning business park that houses, facilitates and links sustainable and energy-related companies.
The StreetPlug will be dedicated to innovation and sustainability in order to work on the cleantech campus of the future.

Smart grid & load balancing? CHECK!

Smart grid is the new idea for future neighborhoods and smart cities, you have probably already heard of it. This means that neighborhoods with smart grid and smart energy systems integrate the growing amount of sustainable energy into the energy system such as an electricity grid and are therefore completely sustainable. The Streetplug is the ideal solution for future neighborhoods where electric mobility is of course central. In the image below we have already applied the Streetplug visually within such a neighborhood.

Furthermore, the Streetplug is not only prepared for smart grid but also for load balancing. This means that the energy in the district is distributed when charging a car with a Streetplug, for example, when someone needs energy for cooking too.

In short, the Streetplug is ready for the future. Are you?